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Aug. 3rd, 2009

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Shrimp Pasta

Watching Molto Mario on the tubes yesterday, I was inspired to craft a shrimp pasta.  One pound of shrimp, 4 oz. whole wheat spaghetti, half a red onion, three cloves of garlic, about 4 oz mushrooms, white wine, tomato paste, some red chili flake, thyme, oregano, olive oil, and one 15 oz can of Seres sweet marinated red peppers.
Start boiling the water for the spaghetti, then heat the olive oil with the chili flake, thyme, and oregano, in a large skillet, until it's nearly smoking.  Add the red onion and caramelize.  I did not caramelize, and the sauce lacked bottom.  After the onions have caramelized, the water should have boiled, so you can add the pasta to the water.  Add the garlic to the onions, stir for a minute.  My wife and I agree to leave out the mushrooms, and add more garlic.  Three cloves is insufficient; I would recommend doubling it.  Add the red peppers (drained, of course) to the pan and heat through.  Once the peppers start curling, pour in about 4-5 oz white wine, and deglaze.  Add tomato paste, and after it is incorporated, toss in the shrimp.  Cook the shrimp for about two minutes, and drain the pasta.  Pour the pasta into the skillet, and stir for a minute or two.  The pasta should be al dente, and the shrimp fully cooked.

If you did it right, the shrimp will be tender and have absorbed the sauce, giving them a saucy piquancy.  Makes enough for three moderately hungry adults.
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Jul. 8th, 2009

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My Filson bag

My Filson Bag

I carry my work in a Filson computer bag, mark I.  It's without a doubt the most rugged piece of luggage I've ever had.  I bought it in 1999, and it's come through ten years of hauling legal books, briefs, and files with aplomb.  And it still retails for $250.00, with the best warranty in the business.

Jul. 2nd, 2009

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Reason TV shows where liberals and conservatives agree on core principles

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Computer noise

I have a very loud computer.  I just installed some super-quiet case fans, which are nice.  But now, I only hear the horrible squeal of my graphics card fan.  The horror!

Jun. 27th, 2009

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I stabbed myself with my KA-BAR

I was so excited to get a pump-spray package of Roundup that I put a big honking hole in my thumb with my knife as I was cutting the plastic zips.


And I have a huge blister on my ring finger, right hand.  Just above the wedding ring.

And I broke and fixed the a/c today.  All before lunch.
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El Cid (1961)

What a movie.

In my opinion, this ranks with The Agony and The Ecstasy for Heston's best performance.  And the restoration is simply marvelous, surpassing the previous restoration king, Lawrence of Arabia.

The movie suffers from the fake-looking violence problems of pre-ratings era films; however, even with its somewhat dated dialogue, it surpasses the most recent modern epic films, with the exception of The Last of the Mohicans and Gladiator.  The best scenes are the ones between El Cid and King Alfonso.  Alfonso is a marvelous foil- venal, controlled by his incestuous desire for his sister, and a shrewd politician, and ultimately triumphant.  El Cid is uncompromising, which of course, is tragic in the course of the film's story.

Jun. 25th, 2009

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Facebook link


Ideal, Cary Grant

What I found on my library's DVD shelf

American Ninja 5.

Now, stop right there.  You may be asking yourself, why?  Is this a fruitful way to spend taxpayer money?

Myself, I was asking, where are the first four movies?
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Overprotective parents

A blog I found out about reading Roger Ebert's blog: http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/

Good stuff on rearing kids in today's crazy world.

My wife is totally self-reliant, and was so as a kid.  She believes that there is nothing a kid can't do, if they put their minds to it.  Of course, she is also totally oblivious to the dangers of the real world.  I am quite risk-averse, except for certain things (steak tartare, driving fast, and the like).

Maybe there's hope after all.

Jun. 24th, 2009

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Take half of a Vidalia onion.  Mince.  Add to a 4 qt saucepan, with the bottom lightly coated with canola oil.  Take a cup of mushrooms, chop, and add, along with some chili flakes and thyme.  Salt, and saute.

Dice 4 peeled potatoes.  Add to the saucepan, stirring.  After a while, add 4 cups of broth (vegetable, in my case, from Rapunzel No-Salt added bouillon cubes).  Bring to a boil, remove lid, and simmer to reduce.  Add bay leaf.

Remove bay leaf when reduced to proper amount.

Put in blender, and blend to desired smoothness.

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